About YouTV1

Christine Houston, co-founder of YouTV1 and creator of the 80’s hit television sitcom, “227,” takes pride in providing viewers with boldly inclusive original content highlighting categories such as News Talk, Situational Comedy, Spirituality, Education, and Lifestyle. Viewers will find original documentaries that uncover mysteries and reveal the truth behind such subjects as the death of Nelson Mandela and the origin of Chicago’s westside gangs. YouTV1 also features Talk Shows that are both educational and newsy with hosts who tackle kitchen table topics that are important to youth and family viewers. At the very heart of its 24-hour programming, YouTV1’s educational content intends to empower viewers with provocative stories that promote hope, freedom, and justice through an empowered perspective that is not bound by legal, social, or political restrictions.

Just as a photographer uses various lenses to capture “reality” in different ways, we each have a set of filters – culture, experience, physical and mental health, economic status, and the like through which we see the world. YouTV1 will increase the capacity to implement power in our lives, communities, and society, by focusing on important issues. The time for living life according to the status quo or in a state of paralysis because of the way the media portrays current events has expired.

What makes YouTV1 unique is its choice of spiritual programming. Audiences have found short musical/dance presentations like TORN incredibly refreshing, insightful, fun to watch as well as spiritually uplifting and inspiring. For those that are avid history buffs, YouTV1’s original lifestyle shorts feature a vast array of subjects that entertain, inform and provoke curiosity. From stories about Black and brown history to current affairs, these short but sweet non-fiction adventures provide bite-size viewing satisfaction for both young and old. And if that’s not enough TV for you, there will be dancers, chefs, urban farmers, interviews with people on the street, and live broadcasts of Sunday morning mass and cultural events. What does this cornucopia of topics have in common? They are all REEL Stories told by REEL Storytellers.